Giving Teens a Voice

Sacramento TTT



May 1, 1999
John F. Kennedy High School



On Saturday, May 1, 1999 three groups of twenty students met at John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento, California to participate in a Teen Think Tank on School Violence.  The participants represented a cross section of students attending that school.

Each group met, in session, for two hours.  The first thirty minutes of each session was spent familiarizing participants with the goals and technology to be used.  The meetings were conducted using an Electronic Meeting System (EMS) generously donated by Mr. Brian Boer of Collaborative Management Services in San Ramon, California.  The sessions were led by Mr. Brice F. Marsh of the Computer Sciences Corporation facility at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

The EMS approach utilized twenty laptop computers attached to a local area network.  A large display screen was placed in the front of the room.  Mr. Marsh sat at a facilitator station and prompted the students through a variety of exercises.  In addition to an open "U" table configuration with laptop computers for the students, seating was provided for observers and media.  Observers were kept a minimum of ten feet from the think tank area to protect the anonymity of student comments and reduce interference.

Several features distinguished this approach from previous teen think tanks.  First, the networked computers allowed parallel input of information, in effect, all twenty students were speaking at the same time.  Second, all input was anonymous, removing peer pressure and performance anxiety from the equation.  Finally, students were alerted to the importance of their ideas by receiving encouraging letters on letterhead stationary from the Mayor, Chief of Police, the School Superintendent, Chair of the County Board of Supervisors, the District Attorney and the Sheriff.

The result of the teens' work is impressive and compelling, but the true value of this think tank will only be realized through aggressive implementation of selected recommendations.  Our response to this report must be timely and authentic.

Please refer to the Acknowledgments section for further information about EMS.  Event coordination and preparation of this report was provided by Team Advantage as a service to the Sacramento community.


Causes for Violence in Schools (in priority order)

Note:  The following list is a combination of three discrete groups' results.  Priorities were derived from average mean voting scores within each group. The time allotted for each group (two hours) allowed for solutions to be developed only for the 19 highest priority causes.  Duplicate causes were consolidated only among the top 19.  Spelling and punctuation errors were corrected only when they would have caused confusion for those who read this report.  Many grammar and spelling problems were really keyboard errors.  References to named individuals were deleted.

What do you think are the leading causes of violence in schools including recent school shootings?

1.  Neglect
2.  Low morals taught at home
3.  Violence in home
4. Parents
5.  Violent home life, emotional problems, depression, trying to act "cool"
6.  Bad parenting: Violence starts at home.  Children think of it as an "answer"
7.  Peer pressure (including teasing)
8.  Racism and or discrimination towards other people
9.  Drugs
10. Weapons
11.  Depression
12.  Inner problems with self esteem
13.  Has no respect for anything
14.  Not being listened to or taken seriously
15.  Anger
16.  Being an outcast
17.  Lack of talking with parents, teachers, friends, etc.
18.  Mental imbalance
19.  Violence displayed everywhere

(Break inserted here.  Students developed recommendations and action items for the 19 highest priority causes listed above.  Those recommendations and action items are described later in this report.  The lower priority causes, listed below, did not move forward into the solution stage due to time constraints.)

20. Being picked on by others
21. Lack of parental guidance
22. Family problems
23. Stress
24. Other kids making people feel like outsiders or losers
25. Misunderstanding and miscommunication between different groups of people.
26. Being abused
27. No family values
28. Child abuse
29. Constant depression not taken seriously by parents
30. Guns
31. Having a lot of problems at home
32. Anger problems
33. Depression
34. Child abuse
35. Low self esteem
36. Parents not teaching kids right form wrong
37. No support from family or community
38. Raceist
39. Gangs
40. Lack of self confondience
41. Drinking
42. Prejudice
43. Family problems
44. Not enough surpport for the parents when needed
45. Being raised to feel one race is superior to another,  maybe the parents supported that view and the kid thought it was right
46. Discrimination
47. Every day pressures
48. Feeling like no one cares for them or what they do
49. Hharassment by peers
50. Discrimination
51. Drugs
52. Problems at home
53. Family probems
54. Social problems
55. No respect
56. Low self esteem
57. Anger
58. If the parents behavior is bad, this will reflect on the behavior the child has towards others.
59. Revenge revenge
60. Not being loved by parents
61. Parents putting down their child
62. Doesn't understand the value of life
63. Depression
64. Influence
65. Jealously and lack of morals
66. Atmosphere we live in.
67. Attention deprived
68. Parents that are on drugs and do not support you can bring you to react in school
69. No emotion toward others being hurt
70. Not enough communication
71. Parents
72. Racism
73. Home problems
74. Stress
75. Neglect
76. Might have a mental problem
77. Parents negleting their children
78. Trouble at home
79. People resort to violence when they have no one to turn for help
80. Growing up with abuse by a relative
81. People have no respect for each other
82. Mentally disturbed
83. Kids picking on other kids
84. Peer presure
85. Behavior
86. Not knowing how to deal with problems
87. What happend in colordo was not called for when they killed people.
88. Ignorence
89. Parent and family influence
90. Bad morals
91. No self-respect!
92. Neglect
93. Personal problems
94. Want to revenge
95. Punishing instead of helping
96. Being teased
97. Children aren't born violent, they're taught violnce.
98. Home life
99. Gangs
100. Involved in gangs
101. Parents not home to help them when there have a real srong sense of hate or having a probelem
102. Teasing
103. Being teased
104. Out cast
105. Parents communication
106. If your parents ahave a fight or something, sometimes they blame you or even hit you
107. School officials don' do enough to resolve conflicts and violence
108. Parents and other family members ignoring them
109. Fight's and money broplems
110. The feeling of lack of attention from peers (friends) and parents cn truly tur into something serious
111. Stress
112. A lack of God in our lives and in school
113. Problems at home or school
114. People made fun of them
115. Apathy of teachers towards students
116. Bullies
117. Feeling like no one cares
118. Jealousy in what another person has, weither it is material objects or if it something like a loving home
119. Being made fun of by friends
120. Not feeling accepted
121. Prejudices taught to us as children.
122. Bad role models
123. The parents dont give the kids enough attention
124. Being around peopl on drugs
125. Schoolmates
126. The media
127. Lack of Respect
128. Lack of cmmunication
129. Guns
130. Accass to more powerful wepons
131. Conflict
132. The way that kids are growing up in their homes
133. Schools are not tinvolved enough
134. Sometimes is the neighborhood we leave in
135. Media glorifing violence
136. No friends
137. Having no one to talk too
138. The way people treat each other
139. No home training
140. Lack of self-confidence
141. No love
142. Parents don't talk to their kids
143. Temper
144. Wasn't taught control
145. No self value
146. Lack of punishment for your actions
147. Wanting attention
148. People pushing  you to be what they want you to be, not you making your own choice
149. Mentally ill
150. Sometime not enough attation for parents and sometimes friends
151. Wanting to be accepted
152. People that use violence to solve their problems
153. Rash decisions
154. Lack of praise
155. Attention
156. Not a normal life
157. Teachers hurt and discourage kids when they are going through hard times
158. There are not harsh enough concequences
159. Missing communication skills
160. Feels misunderstood by people
161. Sex
162. Lack of morals
163. People get defensive
164. Violence in the school
165. A lot of people who don't have any friends and are really shy hide their thoughts.  we need to be friend;y to everyone so those thoughts with shy people with go away
166. Need more discipline
167. Unable to fit in with others
168. Lack of respect from authorities
169. Hatred of students towards teachers
170. Environment
171. Violent friends
172. Fitting in
173. Being disappointed and feeling the need to punish others
174. Influence of media
175. Friends
176. Different mentality
177. Teachers, parents, friends, movies, families, and classmates
178. Lack of role models
179. Peer pressure
180. No rules
181. No intervension in time to stop the problem
182. Some people think that because there are doing bad in school they need to hurt or blame someone else for their problems
183. People think that they can get away with it because others do
184. Divorce
185. Doesn't have any friends
186. Teenagers need more atention
187. Just being different
188. Nationalities
189. People get mad at others
190. Teachers who don't care what happens to students
191. Trying to be heard
192. Poor values
193. Home training
194. Lack of freedom
195. Television
196. Mesing with people
197. Jumping to the wrong ideals
198. Socity
199. Parents can sometimes push you into things
200. I think its racism and some people just do it to be bout.
201. School official being unfair
202. Can't except you for who you are
203. Incompetence of teachers
204. Being different
205. Sexism
206. Almost no consequences
207. When you can't voice your opiion
208. Teachers build up anger in kids
209. Doesn't take life seriously
210. Lack of love'lack of morrals or religion
211. Brainstorming for Teen Issues
212. Trying to fit in with a certain group
213. Trying to get attention
214. Wants attention
215. Selling drugs
216. Weed [mariuanna]
217. Loner
218. People who hae no friends
219. Bad additutes
220. Movies
221. No morals
222. Low ethical standards
223. When you leave with a single parent you dont have the same attention as kids normally do
224. I think that the lack of people to talk to at ome and at school about problems
225. The students feel like they have to do what others do
226. Feeling the need for fame
227. Doesn't feel like it is the manly thing to do to ask for help or talk about their feelings
228. Need more nice teachers
229. Teahers and students dont talk or know each other
230. Monkey see monkey do
231. Not enough freedom
232. No enough sopport
233. They don't love themselves
234. Denial of ones' self
235. Lack of attention
236. The persons views on life and it's seriousness
237. Cant find help
238. Teachers
239. Administration
240. Neighbor hoods
241. Tring to be cool
242. I no why people killing people because they get this at home
243. The need to become a great person
244. Parents chestizing their kids
245. Freedom of chose
246. Internet
247. Teachers
248. Influences of friends amd elders
249. Ignorance
250. Students trying to copy other people
251. Bad advices
252. Music
253. Clicks
254. Fear
255. Dillusional paranoia
256. Trying to hard
257. Showing off infront of their friends
258. Poverty
259. Not having fun\
260. Thinking that it is right
261. Bad grades
262. Showing off infront of friends
263. Not enought things to do in sac
264. Trying to be too different
265. Schools are too big, there is no real community in a school
266. People thinking thir grown
267. Economic status
268. Parents baby them
269. I think its all stupid
270. People who don't have open minds
271. People see violance everyday.
272. Too much free time
273. They hear about it from somplace else and they try to copy it
274. Being withdrawn
275. Disabilities
276. Video games
277. Misinterpating words to music
278. Lack or religion
279. Having too much time on their hands
280. More jobs for minors
281. Thinking everything is a joke
282. Low grades
283. Shooting guns
284. It is Human Nature to be violent. It cannot be helped.
285. Slow learner
286. To much attention
287. Thoes kids in colorado should
288. Movies
289. Don't dress like they want you to
290. Dumb people
291. Girls
292. Curiosity
293. More nice hall monitors
294. Nothing to do
295. Human nature
296. Boyfriend and girlfrind fighting
297. t.v
298. Marilyn Manson
299. Guys
300. Music
301. Black on black crime
302. Computer
303. Video games
304. Nintendo 64
305. Magasines


Teen Recommendations and Action Items

Please enter your specific recommendations for ways to stop the violence in each of the problem areas that have been identified by this group.


1.  Neglect
parents as well as teachers should spen time kids and listen to what they have to say or look at what they got to show you

if we are neglected when we are young then we carry that with us all our lifes and it can turn us cold to love from others or family

neglect is nothing taken that talk to the people

we should make everyone feel that they are important so that they won't have to prove it by doing something drastic

attention deprived

out cast

as far as neglect,  we as individuals should be able to be mature enough to realize that each person is different and just because someone doesn't believe in the same thing as we do, it is not fair to neglect them and cause them to feel ostracized.

neglecting a person is sad because all people shoud be included every one has somthing good to share

the parents arent neglecting thier kids the kids arent talking to parents

at school people act stuck up and only talk to certain people and the people that are being neglected get angry  so every body should talk to everybody no matter what they look like
or say

kids that are neglcted are mainly bad kids that want attion and would do anything to get it

the parents should love their kids and do their best for them since they brung them into this world

if kids are neglected by parents or trusted adults, then their self-worth will lower and they'll think they re not loved. But if parents start to listen to their children about school, and other problems, the parents will realize what a big influence they have on their kids' self-esteem.

parents, teachers, friends , and relatives should learn to communicate more and making those people feeling neglected more like someone who is cared for.

Neglect is a problem caused by parents.  You can't force parents to be their but you can give students attebtion in other ways.  Through awards and counselors you can show kids they are special.

some people have diffrent views on life because their lives are different we all  are different , there is no perfect medol


2. Low morals taught at home
parents need to teach their children how to listen to everyone and to feel good about themselves. They need to spend time with the kids to make sure that they feel loved and that they don't need to do anything drastic to get their attention

We can stop the violence by taking to the parents of the trouble makers as well as the quite type children.  Therefore the values can start at home.  How about a moral group or club at school.

I think that if at home parent's, or siblings, or anything else that has to due with low priorities in the home dealing with violece, drugs, or any other thing's that would end up bad then a person should get help for their problems.

I think that parents often neglect their children when they get in the constant flow of life, and don't stop to take time to properly raise their children. Parents need to install strong morals into their childen and have faith that they know right from wrong.

Parents should have control over their children, and not the other way around

parents should talk to their child before he/she goes to school

stop skeemin' on these kids, would you wrather have a smart kid, or a good kid???????

If parents show respect for others then the kids will grow up knowing that having respect for people is the right thing to do.  Kids immitate their parents so whatever they see at home and as they are growing up gets ingrained in their personality as well.  Parents are a childs ultimate teacher.

Love is a key factor. I know some kids who can't really say that they know someone loves them. This is scary to me, to see kids who just really need a hug or for someone to just say "I love you".

teach your child to pray whn he or she has a problem


3.  Violence in home
kids should consult teacers, social workers, or local authorites to handle the situation

Pay more attention and take care of these kids

mothers and fathers fighting can cause a child to be angry

kids somtimes believe that they are the cause for their parents fighting and therefore take out their frustrations on fellow students


4. Parents
Parents are a big part of everyone's life and if they aren't around for their kids then they are able to get away with things and keep on getting in more trouble.  before you know it they will be with guns really trying to hurt people

not enough surpport for the parents when needed

If the parents behavior is bad, this will reflect on the behavior the child has towards others.

not being loved by parents


parents not home to help them when there have a real srong sense of hate or having a probelem

"the apple dosen't fall far from the tree"

parents should help their child in times of need, and not neglect them. If they do neglect them, who knows how the child will react.

i think that parents play a big part in a childs life ,when a child does not get enough attion they seem to go and find attion

parents are a big part in their childs life and if they're not there to act as parents the child will most likely become someone who is violent or cannot communicate good with others.

its not always the parents fault because the kids are bad in some cases they make their own decision...........

parents should not force their childrens do what they wish for them

the training begins at home , and what ever the child learns at home will reflect what they do in the world work school ect.

parents should buy what their child asks for, because they become jealous of other students and they resort to violence

Parents can't be forced to take a supportive interest in their childs life.  However, they can be encouraged by schools and communities.  Still you can't depend on some parents.

We as kids have no one to talk to, like a counselor at an early age.  We are not taught to go and talk to someone before we take action.  Finally when we get to high school we have the ability to go to counselors but we then don't feel comfortable.  And the problems are probably already in place.  I think we need to put counselors in middle schools and elementary schools.  Students schould have a chance to go and talk to them.  Even make in manditory for once a month to go and talk to a counselor.

Parental involvement in a childs life is a large roll.  The answer to to this problem cannot be solved from a school-board.  The parent of the child would need to put out the effort in order to make the relationship work.  Im not trying to discourage the effort the schools have been posing to make life easier for the parent/child, but I think that there is not much tht a school can dofrom their stand-point.

I think that we should have discussion groups or places for people to talk about their feelings if they don't have parents around.  if people can be rewarded for the good things they do it may get them to come.  there can me anonomous coments.  it would need to be a place where there is a nice atmosphere where they can feel comfortable.  if anyone has a feeling of hate or a feeling they want to hurt someone they can write that without anyone knowing who wrote it.  then everyone there can make comments and they can be helped.  also teachers can encourage this by giving extra credit.  they can give prizes out and it would make people look forward to coming

if sometime the parents are more involves in what we want to do instead of what the want to do porbaly parents won't be such a problem

i dont think  parent can be on drugs and love there kids because they are just a bad influence themselves

Parent's should take some of their spare time to communicate with their kids.

the training of a child starts at home  "train up a child in the way they should go, so when he is old he would not depart" meaning that what ever you teach a child reflects there life style. So when they are old enough to make choices they can remember what they have been taught


5.  Violent home life, emotional problems, depression, trying to act "cool"
those who have problems should participate in group counseling sessions

pills, pills, pills. That and some friends

The government should spend more money towards getting rid of violent environments for children/teenagers

if the parents are violent the kids wont have the state of mind of not wanting to be violent

People should not try to act "cool" but be taught to accept what they and try to strive for better, if they want to

Kids shoud never try to be "cool" by hurting someone parents and teachers need to teach kid to have a good self esteem.

violence at home is bad . but the reason why there is violence at home was because our parents went through the same thing sometimes we just have to break chain that gos on from one genaration to another

trying to act "cool" just Is'nt  cool .Cool people do'nt act cool they are cool.

Thinking for your self is what makes you your own person , dont worry about what other want you to do.(you are your own person )

Although there are certain  'cliques' in the schools, kids should feel comfortable enough to express who they really are. Somehow this environment should be achieved in the schools

teachers should do a home check on thei students


6.  Bad parenting:  Violence starts at home.  Children think of it as an "answer"
parents should be aware of the influence they have on their children

Teach classes on how to be a good parent

start with good parenting skills for the teenagers today, because they are the parents of tommarrow!

parents should give more attention to their chidren. If they did they may not be as violent

I think parents should talk more wit their kids. Be close and have fun together

not nessessarily. It can though. One way to deal with it is to give the kid more freedom and love so that the kid wont get all wierd. Try to make the kid turn out nice. That way no shooting.

There isn't anything anyone can do to prevent the violence.  We can only look for signs.  If the student has visivle bruises, or seems to have emotional problems, then teachers or friends shouhld talk to them to figure out the problem.  The child probably wants help but is afraid to get their guardians in trouble.

Those who are living in homes where abuse is going on should be monitored monthly .

This may be extreme, but people should be screened to see if it is their right to raise children.  They might need to get a "permit" or something, or their children can be taken to foster homes.

parents should be aware of the content of the TV shows or movies that their children are watching.

parents need to pay attention to what their children are saying+the parents need to know what their kids are doing & if their doing somethig bad (making bombs for example) they need to follow the proper steps to get the situation taken care of.

Bad parents can show kids also how to be "bad" by showing violent acts.

Maybe each small community should have a single "community counselor".  (Each counselor could have at most 100 huseholds that they watch over, so that they get to know each family personally.) These counselors would talk to each person in the family during their periodical visits, including (and especially) the children.  That way problems within families as well as between neighbors could be easily identified, and taken care of by a commitee that handles maybe 10 counselors (1000 households) at a time.

Parents should be advised before having children on how to raise their children "right"


7.  Peer pressure (including teasing)
I believe that peer pressure can be eliminated or reduced by having students express that each person is their own person and the have the right to make choices for themselves and shouldn't have to be pressured.

The problem of peer pressure can be eliminatated with parents and teachers playing a more important role in childrens' lives. They need to be there to give support to teens when no one else does. They have to be able to talk to them and help them with their problems when no one else is there to do so.

peer pressure is hard to ignor  because if you dont listen to it the kids can sometimes make you feel stupid

most peer pressure can be avoided

dont nobody peer pressure nobody.They kill because they choose to kill.

peer pressure is a big problem because kids will try to fit in with their friends or people that they want to be friends with , and do things that can reslut in a type of violence.

peer pressure can be a problem because people want to be with their friends.  If more activities were encouraged, kids would be with kids doing healthy activities.  Example: get kids involved in sports and charity work.

many people cant handle their own business so they get their friends involved.

I really dont think there is any way to stop peer pressure. All you hav to do is be carefull of who you hang around with.

give us more respect.By paying more atenntion to us

no matter what you do or say you'll always have peer presure around you.

its the person dessions...dont let other make it up for you.

peer pressure is pressing you to kill like your friend just talking  to you like saying go kill that person our you can't hang with me. So if people pressing you go find another friend who..   won't pressure you at all.who would just be your friend and don't pressure you.

we cant stop other people. we cant tell them what to think or what to do.

I think it is sad that we have to watch our backs on a school campus when we came here to learn.

best thing is to give us more chances in life.  after all we are the future generation.

gangs got played out. Dont worry.

I'm going to tell you my story my friend was pressing me to do bad things like smoke weed but. I laugh in his face and said i don't won't to hang with you so. i found a good friend

Peer presure is a problem but not a reason for violence and you need to teach


8.  Racism and or discrimination towards other people
don't hate us 'cause we beautyfull and your not.

If we teach people to listen to the problems, concerns, and ideals of others then they will have more understanding of these people and some insight into why they do what they do.  When people can think like someone of a different race is when they can begin to get along.

We should have a school prayer every friday to insure parents that their kids are fine and that students should have group meetings to talk about racism

racism, not religion

people shouldn't discriminate towards people of other race or religious backgrounds...everyone is equal in  their own way...and people should learn to realize that...

there is only one race and thats humans not white black or blue we are all people just diffrent so we stand out to be noticed and hurt

talk nice about each other

The kids who are taught rasism from the home or wherever feel that their race is better then anyone's elses. since they feel this they think they have the right to hurt anyine they want to that isn't paret of their race ar creed. They don't know that we are supposed to have respect for all races and treat everyone as equals. We need to reinstall those values i our children when they are young so that when they grow up they wull have those traits as adults

people will always have their own views and that cannot be changed.  however, it needs to be recognized and dealt with properly when it does occur.  some teachers, etc.  choose to ignore it when it happens because they don't know how to deal with it.  teachers should maybe have special training on how to deal with these types of situations

Try to change the way people think and change them to thinking open-midedly

Parents need to teach their children that every race is equal and just as important.  Teachers also need to teach that in school so there would be less racial/gang fights.

getting beat up will probly make you stop being so racist.

equality needs to be stressed, not segregation or discrimination.  People need to settle their differences in a peaceful manner

i think racism has a lot to do with violents because,some people think of everyone the same. Just because your BLACK your a bad person,and just because your WHITE your TOO cheerful.

Although we often give the "front" that we are all over racism, it is still out there, and the parents, teachers, and adults of the community should teach the younger generations that this is not okay. Part of the problem starts with the bad role models and people who don't open up their minds to accept people in  general for who they are inside.


We weren't really taught anything in elementary school about racism and prejudices or how wrong it is.  We should just teach students in their early ages about racism; the younger that we start to teach, the more they'll listen.

the racism needs to stoop now- the opinions and arguments about racism start with trying to be cool- or familly grudges

It shouldn't matter what color you are for someone to like you. If you're light skinned, darl, mexican or even white in certain people's eyes we're all the same  and that's the way it should be!!!

Violence no longer comes from racism at large. Rather it grows from different social issues.

most racism in teenagers comes from their parents.  They've been taught and influenced all their lives about other people of different races and religions.  People need to have more respect for other people.  Parents should be the first to implant respect in their kids' minds.

Racism is a big issue and it will aways be a big issue but sometimes
we have to look beong our race

being raised to feel one race is superior to another,  maybe the parents supported that view and the kid thought it was right

It is up to the kids to know that the color dosent matter,what matters is what one feels inside.

racism is worng, if all the people in the world were the same this would be a very boring place to live.

many teens are very racist

kids often judge other kids by the color of their skin, but need to ralize that it is not what is on the outside but on the inside.

all human beings are made from the same material

rascism can lead to hatred and thus a big catastrophe if the hatred gets out of hand. We need to start getting along with eachother and stop this hatred before it gets to us.

i think taht every one is a little racist and some people just take it a little to far

I think in schools we should focus on learning about other races and cultures.  Things like assemblies and Black History Month are tools that could work.  But you can't stop racism in kids until you get adults to stop setting the example.

Racism, to me, is not a large factor. It seems all of these topics cannot (ever) be solved. You can tell instantly that there will be extremely large problems in even trying to solve them. Racism, like the other topics, is a factor that all must live with.

some people arent racist they just put other people don to make them selves fell better

one of  the bigges problem. racism!!  now we all were sometime racisit some point in time. but some people learn to accept different race, and some people don't.

Racism is a topic that has plagued oue society for many years.  I believe it is caused by peoples' ignorance and closed mindedness.  In order to eliminate or even reduce this problem we as a society need to come together and realize that God made us all different for a reaon and that we should be able to accept people the way they are.  A way to address this is to have cultural days at school where everyone can learn about different backgrounds.  open forums is also a good idea where people can talk about their heritage and share it with their peers.

I think that kids should be encouraged by thier parents and teachers to have friends out of their race.  A good way to do that is to encourage them to make new friends and get them involved in things that they are good at.  By doing this, kids will be exposed to more than one race and have fun too.

if these people want to be racist then let them. we have no other chioce but to exclude them from everything!!!!

people should be open to other races because they all have good things that we can share and lear from


9.  Drugs
Make drugs less readily available to people

stricter drug laws need to be enforced

not much can be done about drugs. And if you can get rid of drugs, there will be those that wonder what it will be like and find a way to get them.

Legalism, If drugs don't cost as much, people won't have to beat the ---- out of people for their money, or their drugs. Also if it's legal then kids won't do it because it is against the law ( which is why a lot of kids do, do it) and therefore won't get addidicted to them in the first place

people do drugs and drink do to peer pressure

get this stuff out the the kid hands. make it impossible for them to get thier hands on it


stop all the easy access to drugs..anyone can get them!

Have more schools participte in the "Students Reaching Out" (SRO) program.  Students look up to high school kids and they usually will listen if the high schoolers act as good role models.

to have some under cover students so you can get the one that start the problems.

drugs are not badin many ways .People make them bad
alot of doctors use drugs to cure many people. Its the way
that people abuse of them that makes them bad.
I think if all drugs were legal we would have less drug abuse

Talk about your problems,  dont keep them inside.

you have to help parents bevore you help the student and have  some one that they  can thak to.

try talking to kids about drugs more in could also take a drug test  twice a month and which ever kids dont pass the test should be put in juvie four a few days and when they get released they shouldn't be able to leave there parents .

to make parents help students an any way " we net you"

Drugs can cause violence; people fight and argue over them, but people that use them are not nessesary violent

parents need to get involved in their kids' lives.  They should inform their children about drugs and violence and enforce groundrules at an early age.

People who use drugs generally are thoose who have a lot of free time.  Efforts toward making people more active and more involved with activites wil make less time towards using drugs

I think the government should put drug users in a group rehabilitation home where they are given help.  Parents should focus on telling their kids about the dangers and punishment resulting from excessive drug use.  They should do more than just ask  "are you doing drugs?"  I think that in order for parents to have control over their kids, they should conduct random drug tests.

Keep kids off the streets!!!  Schools should have afterschool programs for those kids that go home to an empty house and end up getting themselves into mischief.  Communities should fave a open-arena for kids to play ad have fun with other kids their age who are bored also.

legalize pot. that way people wont get such a sense of rebellion from smoking it. That means less people will do other drugs which do worse things to you.

drugs can  also have alot a do with the promblem.ive seen alot of people live hurt by drugs...and it wasnt pretty

I think parents have to keep a close eye on their kids and they should know what their doint most of the time.

you sometimes cant control the drugs your on.

drugs hurt your abillity to make good choices in your life

I think people need to pay attention to how kids are handling themselves because drugs make you do crazy things.

drugs can greatly affect the way you act towards others, and it is very hard to prevent kids from getting them or using them because this world is surrounded by it.

the drugs that kids are using are making kids do things that they dont usually do

you can't control your mind when your'e on drugs as much as you can when you are sober.

drugs play a big part because they causes a person to be out of there mind at any giving point that can cause the person to be violent

I dont think people should stop smoking or whatever but they should do that out side of school noy dring it.

Drugs are a problem but it is a problem because their is not a good solution yet.  We do drugs and drinkl because it is against the law.  If we make it legal it won't be fun except for the first month or so.

drug tests every month for every body in the state of California!!

Since this is Anonymous, I will be faithful and admit that I have tried some things. But, it doesnt seem to me that drugs would be a legitemet reason to do anything so drastic. Drug-use cannot be solved. It is a worldwide problem that can NEVER be solved in this lifetime, or any other lifetime thereafter.

I think the parent should have a talk with their kids about drugs ....

i think there are  a lot of drugs in every school.  i am always shocked when i find out my friends did drugs at a party, etc.  i think that this can be eliminated by having a random drug bust at every school.  This is how it should be done(it has worked at a school outside the state my cousin goes to):
Have a undercover police dress up like a highschool guy into drugs.  go to the school and have him buy drugs and write down everyone's name who he got it from and who he saw buying and using drugs.  then after a couple days, weeks of this just arrest them.  then have them go to counceling and talk about how and why they did this.  if people knew they were having these busts then they would be discouraged to do drugs

I think a good way to stop teenagers from doing drugs is, that schools should do a drug test atleast once a month.

Drugs can be controlled by parents monitering thier kids a little more.  It is important that parents know what their kids are doing.Drugs should not be so available.

parents and teachers should talk more freely with teir children and students about the topic.

Some of the parents know that there kids are doing drugs but they cant do anything about it. The governor should geave the parents more help, like counseling.

Drugs is a problem that teens are faced with almost every day of their lives.  Teens need to realize that drugs will take them nowhere in life.  Ways to pervent this is to have guest speakers, not just any experienced guest speakers, but peers, teenagers or young adults that we can relate to.  Have them tell us the "pro's and con's" to doing drugs.

In order to stop the use of drugs in our society, we must stop glorifying them in movies, music, and on tv.

to tell the truth, its hard to say no to drugs. i know many people who do drugs and it is also hard to say NO when they do it around you. they tell you how fun it is and how you feel stress free from everything you worry about. but, there are other thing you can do to avoid this


10. Weapons

Because of what happened in Colorado we have no choice but to check students backpacks pockets etc. before entering campus and drug tests every month

having weapons in your own household my give the child/teen the right to use it

if you have guns in your home kids might think they need them too and thats its ok to have them

Parent's dont know how easy it is for a teenager to get a gun. Like me if i want it to I could get a weapon right now. The most important think is that nobody would know about it.

their shouldnt be so easy to get weapons for kids.........

guns don't kill people.  poeple kill poeple. if you teach your child how the safety work on a gun, he/she may know want to do.

weapons should be handled with care at all times.  Parents need to be aware of their weapon and have it in a place where it is not easily accessible.  Parents can also have an understanding with their child about their weapon, making sure that their child understands what the purpose of the weapon is.  It is for protection and not to hurt others.

weapons should be made harder to get and guns shouldn't be allowed in homes.

weapons are somthing thats going to be around for a long time and you just cant do any thing about it

Weapons are too widly available.  the government should make it much harder to get weapons.  If we can do this, it will be too much work to bring violence everywhere and kids will just give up.

we are surrounded by weapons and parents need to watch out  on what their kids are doing because it is very easy for anyone to get a gun, knife, and etc. It makes it worse if parents have guns in their own homes where children are because it is possible for them to get a hold of it when the parents' backs are turned

weapons could be anything :a rock, or peace of wood , so people need to have control on themselfs

Kids will always find ways to get a hold of weapons just like they get a hold of drugs.  We can only discourage it.  But don't take away the right to have a gun because that is not fair.  Educate kids on guns and what they can do.  Sort of like the Red Assfault video you you in drivers school.

people may think it would be a good idea to check students for wepons but that would just show we have no confidence in the kids

you control the weapon, the weapon doesn't control you.

After reading the other responses, i realize that weapons are the shields that people hide behind. Unlike the other topics, this one may be possible to solve.  A very large action from authorities would make this problem 'nil.


11.  Depression
try to help these kids before things get to bad (talk to them)

Depression can onl be olved by the individual.  Whether or not a person will seek help for issue of chronicdepresion is completely up to them. No on else can influence, or determine that descision. There is no conceivble way to solve depression as a begginning to violence.

teens suffering from depression can see counselors or therapists to help them deal with their problems


Teachers and parents need to relize when children and teens are depressed so they can get help before anything serious happens.

teenagers start feeling depreesed with feeling sorry for themselves...stop this state of thinking!

people get deppressed because no one spends time with them and that's how they get  violent  and angry and use profanity etc.

Talk to guidance counselors.  People should be able to tell if a person is depressed; he will be moody and snappy.

take time to talk  to kids instead of using a violence input.if it dosent work             talk  to a couslor at scool or call parent hot line and get advice.

Depression is something we all have and the best way of dealing with it is by doing something you love to do. Most people have to many things in their minds

in the firts place. sometimes you just have to rest

talk more about the problems that bother you , don't keep them in side .

if the child looks unhappy  find out whats wrog with him, try talking with the child or take him out or even just tell him you  love him and make him feel secure.

I think those that know they are depressed should go and get help.  If people know their friend (s) are depressed and they're taking it out on others, they should talk to a counselor or anyone that can give them the help that they need.

Talk more with people with depression, see why they have it and see what can be done to cure it

teens and parents need to be informed of the symptoms associated with depression, so they can learn how to help themselves

i feel if someone is depressed that doesnt give them the rigth to hurt anyone else!!!!

Everyone in their life goes through some kind of depression, whether it is small or big. The difference is how you cope with your feelings and emotions. If there were more annomous phone lines which had professional help on the other end, maybe people would start to  become more comfortable with using them and expressing themselves more. Communication is the biggest key to the problem.

"if you are depresssed get help"


12.  Inner problems with self esteem
Teachers/students should look for thoose with problems with self- esteem then help them

If you dont like your life, change it.

people don't have a lot of self esteem they always say thry're ugly but they only want attention

teachers, parents, and friends all need to encourage and praise others

When kids have problems with their self esteem they take their confusion and anger out on other people.

Inner problems should be expressed through other means than violence.  The best way to do this is to get involved with extracurricular activities.  Another way would be to make friends at every social level.  Personally, I believe that the best way to solve the problems is to do what you are best in.

If someone has a self esteem problem, and they think violence is the way to stop that, there is really nothing that we can do.  Parents and teachers might not eve n be aware of how that child is feeling inside.  The only people who are likely to know would be close friends.  It should be the friend's responsibility to talk to someone about their friend's problems.

if your self esteem is diminished, one will turn to violence or insulting others to diminish theirs


13.  Has no respect for anything
have respect for everything

If someone has no respect for them selves why would they care  bout others ?  obvouisly  they  felt  unloved  by  those  they  want  to  love  them.

I think that pepole dose not have any for nothing like some of them don't event have it for there perents.

respect has to start in the home

Respect is the most important thing to me.  And you must show everyone equal respect even if you don't feel they deserve it.


14.  Not being listened to or taken seriously
I think when kids are talking and trying to tell people what they feel that they need to listen and support kids in the best way possible.  Kids are voicing their oppinions and they need to be heard

everyone should listen to what people say and not take some subjects as a joke because the person might not be kidding

I think that a lot of anger and violence comes from the way students are not listened to by teachers. I think that students need  to vent from what the teachers biuld up in them.  If students could hve a way to evalute the teachers it would lessen the anger and hostility.

listen and learn so we know whats up with everybody

There needs to be counslers for specifi reasons that are there for more then when something bad happens at the school

To be taken seriously you must take in a matter that is pleasing to the ear.  I you yell at me not only will I not listen but I will yell back therefore causeing a problem.  Adultsa s well a children should respect the the opinion of others and always have alistening ear.

The kids need a way to officailly voice their opinoins(not through violence) about the way teachers are treating them. I think a comment box that the Vice principals could look at and respond to would be benificial for everybody

Have councalers on campus at all times that are used for theropy

This is the best topic!!!

if you tell somebody about something that really others you they might not take the time to hear


15.  Anger
To understand some of the causes of anger in students, you should look at the lack of attention or the lack of understanding from the administrative and teaching staffs.  The only way to counter this is to improve student teacher and student administration relationships.  Make the students feel a part of the greater humanitarian whole.

get something to hit , like a pillow, punching bag, or brother.

teens with anger problems need help to learn how to deal with their emotions

If you live in a agry house you're going to take all that anger to school w/ you. Your parents should fig out when you're angry and help you out.

Some teens have anger problems that they do not know how to handle.

a lot of people don't know how to deal with anger or stress..... But i still dont think thats an excuse.

Parents should teach their children who to control their anger properly before it cn get out of hand.

Anger is something that we should all learn to deal with. There is no excuse for letting your anger control you to the point of doing things so drastic as school violence. If you can't talk to your parents, then there should be teachers, or counclers that you feel you can trust enough to tell them that you need help dealing with your emotions.


One can usually tell if someone is extremely angry.  They will show signs of violence, and that should be a sign to others that that person has problems.  That person should talk to a counselor or a psychiatrist to figure out what is causing all this anger, and to figure out how to help them.


16.  Being an outcast
I  fell that most  students  do not  understand  the  results  of  there  actions   when  it comes to others  fellings  and  emotions,  witch  could  saclude   them  from  the  crowd.

if people don't like the way you or your friends are then they call you freaks or losers stuff like that. but they don't know if they are called freakes and losers. if they are then they get really offended and want tostart trouble and all you and your friends do are stand up for what you are and what you beleive in!!

there are really no solutions to this problem.  When a person is an outcast they obliously choose to isolate themselves from others.  that person may need counciling or somone to confide in before they feel comfortable enough to interact with other people

being a outcast really has no shouldn't go by what other people say...maybe they never talk or whatever..but you really dont know how someone is untill you get to know dont judge untill you know

Most  people  who  are  considerd  out  cast  are  more  likely  to  lash  out  for  atettion  from  others.


17.  Lack of talking with parents, teachers, friends, etc.
To talk with teens, or children of any age can help the whole community to understand eachother and help eachother with the problems in which we all have to deal with.

open communication should be stressed

Get some friends. That is some advice for the teenager. That way you wont turn into some psycho.

teachers do not care how their studets feel they just want to get paid.

Their is not much you can do about this ecept continually tell teachers and parents that when they see a child that might have a problem, then they should talk to them

parents are lazy about parenting necesseties.- it is their job to be there when a child wants to talk and ot use excuses...ex: too tired

Try to communicate more with thoose who are quiet or shy try to bring out their personality

When there is lack of communicaion and understanding parents and kid form a bad ralationship causing the children to be violent

Smaller schools are a necessity, not just smaller classes.  I went to a small middle school, and out of 10 potential fights, 8 were stopped before they started by teachers, because there is actually a community and rumors of the fight would reach teachers.

Many people are shy and don't like to talk much but talking sometimes is the best way to solve problems and depression


Basically, I believe that the teachers in most schools are to blame for most violence that occurs in schools.  The reason I believe this is that teachers seldom listen.  It would help if the teachers could begin to listen as well as teach.

because the don't want to talk avout  enithig so you ave to make them by   make them be your friend. sherig staf togeter.

Efforts toward better and more communication should be made so that people can talk about what they feel instead of letting it build up and unleashing it in a realy bad way

you don't really need to talk to parents, or teachers, but you have to talk to friends

they should try to change that by setting aside some special time for their  parents and them so that they can sit and thalk about whats going on their lives our they should be able to talk to a counsler when they want  they should also talk to the parent and counsler so that they can solve what ever problems they may have

Teachers are to blame because most cannot teach.  Most students that graduate only know half of what they are suppose to.  I believe that they lash out  with wrath for being cheated out of an education.  The only way to remove this threat is to educate teachers in more updated techniques and remove the ones that can't.

not every body is the same GOD make every body diferent so the only way is to talk avout any cine of rasism,blaks,mexicans,withe ect.


18.  Mental imbalance
Diagnose mental imbalances early on in life and keep them well controlled as not to allow an imbalance to get out of control


mental imbalances need to be diagnosed by doctors and dealt with properly

try to get them help before these thing happen+try to recognize these people who have these problems & get them so help

People won't except people if they're mentally ill   in my  opinion I think it's very rude. If youhave seizures or something people just make fun of you and that's one way you get depressed. Only  one out of ten people will except you and like you for who you are. In my opinion people like this are no different from us!!!!!!!!   The man upstairs just made them like that for a reason!!

If someone is crazy, and they are not seeig a psychiatrist, and no one knows that the are dangerous, then there is nothing anyone can do to stop them.  They will do what they want.  Be on the look out for mentally unstable students.



19.  Violence displayed everywhere

violent movies

violent video games

if you look around you'll always see or hear violence from you friends, family, and so on.

one solution could be to limit the amount of violence on TV and in the movies.  If we can do this, people will not have so many ideas about how to commit violent acts.  It would also be good if the schools could play a part in the process be inforcing other things to do than violence. for example, more clubs, sports and extra curricular activities.

the medi dosent seem to show enough good and positive things going on in the word

I really that there is too much violence every where. If you go in to the inter net there is a place where they show you how to make boms,drugs or anything eligal.

having so much violence, makes the child think its right to do it in the real world.

Sports should be all year round to keep people out of trouble.
at least let us play more games.

the media should start showing programs of good nature instead of just always showing violence. It makes the viewer thinks that no one does anything good in the community.

violence is everywhere.....t.v., movies, videogames, etc. i don't think there is any way to stop all of it but i do think that there should be a limit as to how much violence is really necessary in those types of things.

i think that movies, music, video games have a little to do with the violence. but the person who is doing the violence is the one who is making the desions. these items arent telling you to go out and do violence.

The problem of violence stems from the music teens listen to, the televsion shows and movies teens watch, and the type of people they hang around with. Some may say that the way to prevent violence would be to prevent children from seeing violence in the media (TV, movies, and music). However, people don't seem to realize that violence is all around us. We see it in the newspapers, on the news, even in our schools. No matter what we do to limit violence, it will always be there.
ow to prevent violence from happening has to start with teachhing children good values and morals to live by. Over the years, our values as Americans have declined. A strong reason for this is because people simply don't care anymore. They don't care about their actions, about others, and sometimes, even themselves.  If we were to put God back into our schools, and into our lives; and if we were to once again teach the values that once made our country great--we would be able to limit the violence expressed in our society.

there is vioence everywhere there is no way that you can excape it

becsuse of movies nd other violent influences, little children are starting to think that these thing are right, but if the parents start to watch what their children are watching, these things can be prevented.

most violence come from movies and from their surroundings
also,kids are watching to violent movies.

I think it is stupid to blame the media or TV.  That is no excuse for a kid to pick up a gun and blame the media for why they did that.

I remember the day i came home from school and all over the news i saw  things on the Colorado incident.  i was thinking in my head "why would they 'advertise' this??"  Really i feel by having it on the news 24hrs a day they are advertising this to people who are looking for ideas.  i think they should leave it with a couple seconds on what happened and npt go into great deal
 Dealing with the "Code of Silence"

Many adolescents observe a "code of silence" about reporting any unacceptable behavior. For some, this is due to a fear of the consequences. For others, it is a presumption of a rule of  "Thou shall not snitch on another student, ever".

How can students be encouraged to report potential acts of violence before they take place? Include ways to protect those who report guns, weapons, threats, etc.


Proposed Solutions for Dealing with the Code of Silence

1. annomyous hotline
2. things weren't ment to be told
3. I don't think anybody would observe the code of silence when lives are at stake
4. try to show people that the rule is not right and you should have no problems reporting a problem
5. You should tell your parents about the problem tha is taking place
6. High selfesteem will help the children not to be afraid
7. I think that teir should be some way that you could have like a private meeting that no oe else would know about
8. kids should never report anything, even if they know of potential riots, bomb scares, or any other dangerous situation.  As a student, i know that if you snitch, not only will you be shut out from everyone, your life will be in danger from those whom you snitched on
9. To know it's in the best of interests for everyone to report any things that may be taking place
10. I dident min to
11. Talking to parents about a situation always helps
12. have the courage to tell your parents and talk to them ....they most likely will understand and can help you the best way possible
13. If it is known to everyone that there is an anonymous hotline available to anyone in which the person can submit their observation without consequence, people would report what they know.
14. teach people that wrong is wrong and that you shouldn't protect anyone who is doing something wrong
15. if you snich, Police Protection won't protect you, the Justice System won't help you, jes keep it to your self or go to confession at Church
16. it would be easier if we could talk to one of the adminastation with out other people like the hall monitors finding out and telling the others that someody sniched
17. fill out a police report signing your name so you could be qeustioned but only under the circumstances that u're identity be held confidentail
18. Not being afraid of your peers
19. I think that the code of silence needs to be observed unless many lives are at stake
20. dont snitch just erase everything you seen out your mind
21. no1 can protect your life from someone you snitched one is safe
22. talking to whom ever you feel most comfortable talking to
23. The  code  of  silince  has   been  used  for the  wrong  reasons, it  was made for little  things  you  would  do  as  achild  and  you  would  not  want  the  word  to  get  to   someone  that  would   get you  in  trouble.
24. think twice befor you do or saay anything
25. talk to a person in charge who you know you can trust to keep it confidential
26. show how strong you are and tell someone the truth
27. have a sertain place were we could drop off letters or something like that to the principle in a safe like box or something like that
28. take the problem in your own hands (meaning) don't be afraid to put in your 2cents
29. treat those how you want to be treated...snitch on those if you want to be snitched on
30. There has to be someone that is totally trustworthy because some information might get out and the person could be in trouble.
31. A big mouth can get you killed
32. have as much self respect in yourself to do what you feel is right ...
33. people should know whenthe code of silence is appropiate and it never is when someone can get hurt
34. make the problem be known
35. only a few people on campus really care
36. just be true to yourself
37. help the person who needs help
38. Finding yourself and knowing who you are will help you not to feel the need to be lie or pretent you knownothing.  Because you know that you have your family and friends.  You don;t need anyone that needs something from you, or forces you to do somethin you know is wrong, morals!
39. 31 got a point
40. if u know about something before it is supposed to happn, tell someone so it won't happen at all
41. A "drop box"  where students drop hints
42. talk to parents
43. annonymity
44. anonymous phone line
45. talk to teachers
46. there is no way to encourage others to narc others out, and no way to protect them
47. Students should be kept annonimous
48. Should increase anonymity
49. Schools should have a hotline where students can call anonymously.
50. availablility to speak with adults
51. rewards! rewards! rewards!
52. talk to teachers/princapal/v.p
53. a reward (recognition, not money)
54. anyone who is willing to snitch on their peers deserves to be jumped
55. Students shouldn't rat eachother out for everyting. Only those things that may have large impacts
56. Students should be told that it is OK to do the right thing
57. the person that knows whats going on should make seem like its not cool to do such
58. a more understanding that the students have of how important this really is
59. Better witness protection
60. Make thoose who "snitch
61. an interet to tell
62. have student program  involving this topic
63. Students should be rewarded; it will encourage students to tell adults about what's going on.
65. people should never snitch on others it is just wrong
66. easy access
67. by having metal ditector for guns,about students be protect is to wite in a papel and give to the prisipal in a box or something
68. Protection
69. Give better safety to thoose who"snitch"
70. Just having a witness protection program at all
71. Talk to some one you can trust
72. things many people that know this things is because their usually their friends doing
73. a way to  protect is to keep the dicussion confidential.
74. thou shalt not narc others out
75. students feel that they have to 'watch eachother's backs' and they should be taught that this is okay, but only to a point.
76. tell them why its important to tell
77. witnesses should be protected from the consequences their afraid of
78. no matter what if you know that something bad is going to happen you should tell an adult
79. more police in the school and students under cover.
80. If they are doing something you don't like do something about it yourself, not by running to mommy.
81. In elementary school, students should be taught that it's okay to snitch in a serious of "life-and-death situation, instead of the "nobody like a tattletale" saying.
82. Teach people that snitchng is the right thing to do.
83. the damige. talking directly yo the person doing solve more problems than  calling in
84. Not making a big deal that someone was caught (teachers, administrators etc.)
85. i think that the "code of silence" deals w/smaller things & if someone knows about something they'll let someone know
86. teaching that sniching is not bad
87. calling in just gets you and the other person into trouble.
88. even if you do snitch at least (in a way ) you're helping that person out.
89. Make a police/school safety force more prevalent on campus
90. disscuss how a presons life can be saved by them telling
91. If people snitch on others it will make a generation with poor morals
92. students shouldn't have to tell an adult. Teenagers hav the mental capacity to resolve problem and conflicts themselves.
93. Tell someone you can trust.
94. students already know its "ok" to tell, what they need to know is that its THE WAY TO GO
95. keep the "snitchers" under a surveillance watch
96. If student knows for sure that the person they talk to will keep their name anonymous, they will be more likely to tell.
97. Criminally charge those that see the crime and don't report it.
98. disscuss how their friends life can be saved by them telling on them
99. People should be taught that it is beneficial to all to tell teachers of problems
100. People should be taught the consequences that can happen if they don't alert an authority figure on something they may know about
101. talk about the consequences.
102. if you snitch you're not doing any thing bad you're helping
103. not having to watch your back might have more peope tell
104. i think we already know all of this, what we really need is a way to make it happen rather than just keep saying it!
105. students need to understand the consequences that will occur if they DON'T tell.
106. if you know something you can still tell w/o anyone knowing it was you
107. If you snitch, you are forever branding yourself as a traitor in the eyes of your peers.
108. by having police come to school and chek student with out nowing. or having one of dose dogs that can ditect or smell drugs.
109. if your put under protection, it is too much trouble  the first place
110. Make a 'good smaritan' law
111. just dont tell
112. rewarding
113. students should be tought at home about problems like this
114. witnesses should be told that they
115. Most students are afraid that people will find out that they snitched, and call them a traitor.  Students are afraid that the student that they got i ttroub;e will attack them.  students need to beposiitive that what they say will be kept i con
116. NO
117. i think a good way to break the code of silence is for students to care about themselves and others around them.  If you are concerned enough about your own safety, you'll be compelled to speak out.
118. show kids the consequenses of what can happen if the are silent
119. have hot lines
120. I know about this kind of stuff and if you snitch, you dead.
121. First off, the school needs a better way of notifying staff of a possible threat.
122. I think it is up to the student. And to protect him all you have to do is keep it unanimous.
123. rewards
124. A good idea would be to have a hotline
125. just snitch
126. Anonymization
127. Because of the Denver incident I think the problem of spaeking out has been solved in a way.  Students realize that they can and will be hurt.  Protecting yourself is more important then being cool.  That message needs to get out to students.
128. money
129. realize that you would rather tell and save somthing, then keep quiet and feel bad
130. show them that silence can be deadly
131. there aint no code of silence. theres somethings that even your dog has to now
132. Have a online sort of hotline -anonyamis
133. just tell someone
134. snitch but have your name on the down low
135. having a way to be able to tell without anyone knowing who you are
136. I would not snitch on nobody because i can get killed but if it's something bad yes i would.
137. If I snitch I want it to be an anonymous tip
138. have councelors more involved and ready to listen
139. Anonimity is the key when officials are seeking students to help report information about things like guns on campus, and bomb threats. Students are willing to help out if they are able to do so discreetly and without others knowing. Often, many things are kept secret because there is agreat fear of retaliation among the people you're telling on.
140. If a student reports something he'll realize how he has saved/helped his peers
141. Snitch and move out of town.
142. tell somebody that cares. not just anybody.
143. to reassure the student that his/her identity will be kept a secret is mostly enough for one to speak out.
144. they can save someone life by reporting an incident that can happen
145. There should be a annoymous way to tell teachers of what danger there is for the school and students.
146. Some snitch get got.
147. well if you going to safe lives, by all means snitch. to protect some one, who ever snitch should be annonymous
148. Have a box or a spcific place to report behavior
149. you shoud try and tell someone
150. tell a snitch
151. snitch and save others. who cares about the person who is causing the problem
152. i think we should report the name of the person who we saw with a weapon.  they can be rewarded with the info that they gave the name to. the person with the gun should not be punished right away.  their "punishment" should be going to meet with a counselor and they can talk about what their reason for carrying a gun
153. Often, students don't know where to turn when they want to report something. School officials should be able to be trusted with information that is told to them, without worrying about them reporting
154. i would snitch just be anomous don't tell friends or everyone wil find out
155. let everything be personal and kept annonmous


Survey Results and Feedback from the Students


Do you feel safe at school?

Moderately Safe 68%
Very Safe 14%
Trouble Zone 10%
Combat Zone 4%
None of the above 4%
n  50

Text Responses

1. I honestly feel if you hang out with the right crowd that doesn't do drgus,etc then yyou will be just fine anywhere you go to school.  but the rare incident at collumbine is making me feel different.  i now am a little nervous coming to school and i hope that feeling changes with some new changes in society
2. i only feel that we should have more yard duty types of people walking around and all over the school
3. teachers sould have more responceability for these kids than just care for the money they make off of them
4. we should have school prayers
5. let the kids know that they are important and don't just brush them aside when they want to talk because they might be having family problems and  they might need to talk to someone before thay do something drastic.
6. Our hallmonitors and Parents On Campus program keep violence at a minimum.
7. Increased security.  Support groups
8. more security
9. Kids need a way to evluate the teachers. I see lots of anger in people every day and i think that 75% of it starts at the teachers. If kids could send comments to the V.P. s I think the anger and tension would greatly deminish.
10. punishments for offenses should be severe and taken seriously by both the offender and the discipliner.
11. reasure kids that if somebody dose threatin them that it will be dealt with with the ut most attention
12. nothing, school is fine as it is
13. I feel very safe but I also know that if some psycho with a gun wanted to kill people it can be done. It is very easy to avoid school security, and to sneak guns into some place. Navy seals can do it. That means some terrorist probly can too.


What should be done to ensure safety in schools?

Text Responses

1. they should have more hall moniters but check theri background
2. There needs to be more people you can turn to for help. There are not enought teachers and staff at school that can be trusted with information, without them turning it around on you, and therefore exposing you as the source of inoformation.
3. more security
4. little my hall monitor
5. extensive security watch of all the intruders and strangers on campus.  have a check-in system for all visitors
6. protect your selve.
7. Having more security
8. theres really nothing we can do plus it's not that bad
9. we have no other choice but tocheck students before
entering campus
10. to get parents involved
11. more security
12. less hall monitors, and more cops on campus.
13. I think they should put metal detectors at the doors.
14. i think that good people should be recognized.  i feel that once someone has been caught with drugs, guns, etc they should be out of our school immediately...NO SECOND CHANCES.  I am upset because sincce we are a public school we have to accept anyone...even if they hda been arrested, kicked out of school or whatever...WHy should we have them???  If we want to have a safe school we should eliminate those kinds of people and maybe they should only be allowed in after they go through A LOT of rounds of counceling and being home taught by positive people(experts)
15. i only feel that we should have more yard duty types of people walking around and all over the school
16. teachers sould have more responceability for these kids than just care for the money they make off of them
17. we should have school prayers
18. let the kids know that they are important and don't just brush them aside when they want to talk because they might be having family problems and  they might need to talk to someone before thay do something drastic.
19. Our hallmonitors and Parents On Campus program keep violence at a minimum.
20. Increased security.  Support groups
21. more security
22. Kids need a way to evluate the teachers. I see lots of anger in people every day and i think that 75% of it starts at the teachers. If kids could send comments to the V.P. s I think the anger and tension would greatly deminish.
23. punishments for offenses should be severe and taken seriously by both the offender and the discipliner.
24. reasure kids that if somebody dose threatin them that it will be dealt with with the ut most attention
25. nothing, school is fine as it is
26. more security means less fights... students fight when they arent around
27. have more programs for after school
28. dont let any thing happen that would leed to a violent act
29. Current measures are sufficient.  Incidents like therape at Sac High, or the massacre at Columbine high are not indications of what i going to happen to all schools.  Those incidents involved people that more than likely have a chemical imbalance, and suffr from chronic depression.  The only thing left to do would be to turn schools into prisons. We already can't leave campu for lunch, the gates leaing off campus are locked, and we're punished if we try to leave.  How can you have higher security measures? They're already far too many, and it' a product of public hysteria.
30. Lower the school population
31. more law enforcement and regulations should be stressed.
32. schools should be known for their educational values not the violence that is happening. For school safety, people should be willing to listen to other people and express themselves openly, by doing this, all of the violence and hatred would be out in the open where you are better able to deal with it.
33. We should up the security so that students feel safe at school. If students feel safe at school, then they won't feel like they have to protect themselves, so they won't bring weapons to school.  Metal detectors and locker searches are also good ideas.
34. teachers should take time out of the day to ask stidents about whats going on ,on the campus
35. stundents shoud be taught not punished for what they don't know.  Teachers need to keep renforcing rules and laws
36. Schools need to be smaller so there is more community.  If the teachers and the kids all know each other, enemity is seen immediately by staff and dealt with.
37. Well-known presence of security and increased security
38. Put in detectors and surround each part of the school with surveillance cameras.  Also have more police and or trained security guards.
39. striker consiquences for those who do bad things
40. I think we should just stop the violence. I don't think we need  metal detectors or stuff like that because it makes theschool look bad. Mainly for the teachers to tell the students that if we talk to them they'll keep it safe and so on.
41. talk to students encourage a  non violenve zonemore group ativities make school fun. make people participate in events
42. Nothing can really be done to stop people that want to from coming in with a gun and go on a shooting spree, but what can be done is to make it so that no one would want to in the first place.


Is there anything you, as a student, can do to improve school safety?

Text Responses

1. tell whenever you see something is wrong
2. not antagonize or bother other students.  Mind your own business and take care of what you need to take care of.
3. just go to school and learn, thats it
4. Make sure that myself and my friends are not voilent
5. to pray about the situation
6. students can start breaking the code of silence
7. just not be one of the bad guys.
8. Stay away from drugs, and street live. Because street live has it's own set of rules, and if you mess up you would pay bad.
9. No too risky meetings
11. i try to be  nice to people and let them know theycan talk to me if they are having problems with anything. That way they won't think no cares and have their value of life go down the drain and they won't resort to violence to get through to someone
12. I could encourage my peers to respect themselves as well as others. try and solve problems - not start them
13. make sure what ever i do is safe
14. No. The authorities make you feel helpless.
15. help others when the think they may be indanger, like safty in numbers
16. yes- tell when i know something will happen
17. have metal detector
19. get the word out that violence isnt cool
20. As of yet none
21. I can deal with my problems peacefully and safely and help others to do so also.
22. As long as I, as a student, am willing to listen to other people and keep an open mind I feel that I am contributing a  lot to the community.
23. Watch out for the "bad" kids and report them to teachers or counselors.
24. i think the only thin i could do is let my voice be heard and try to encourage others to talk about their problems instead of causig more conflict then there has to be
25. I can stay out of teouble and try to have others also
26. Doing this "Teen think Tank"  I believe is a great way to help out.
27. I can try to help prevent wrong action being taken by another student or help stop them from doing something wrong
28. Yes, of course.  I will report  accidents and all other acts that I think  is affecting or damaging others.
29. Talk to those who have more power who can do something about it.
30. Have ignorant people stop making fun of people and to mind there own business and tell people to increase the peace!!!!
31. Be cam and try not to go off on some one try to get involve in school clubs, sports


How can we make it safer for you to report potential danger at school?

Text Responses

1. have a tip line we can call
2. Be able for students to give tips anonymously. However, anonymous phone lines do not work, because I know as a fact that often, students are identified by their voice by administrators. A better idea would be an anonymous email address, or maybe a box where you could submit typed material.
3. a hotline or something
4. go to the teach and tell them what's giong on.
5. make it anonymus
6. meet somwhere no one I mean no one is
7. a hotline
8. give us your trust, so we can give ours.
9. just make us feel safe...
10. no more dope fiends
11. tell your parents
12. let people know that reporting a danger is not a bad thing but a good thing. Give them the confidence to do the right thing
13. Make absolute certain that everything we submit under the impression that it is confidential, remain confidential.
14. a hotline to call
15. keep it confidential
16. I don't think that this is a valid way of preventing violence.
17. a place for secret letters to be submited
18. you cant, theres always a way to get hurt
19. let us be able to tell someone by phone
20. have  students under cover
22. phone line
23. keep me anonomous
24. You should enforce annonymity and make us feel trusting of you.
25. Make sure that the reporter remains anonymous!
26. by ensuring that every thin will be o.k  and by ensuring that whatever or who ever is causing the problem gets taken care of
27. Students will always feel that it is wrong to tell unless it's someone that you don't like. A drop box is about the best thing. Oh yeah make sure it's lockd and secured in place.
28. Make a "drop box"of sorts where students anonymously write notes describing the problem at hand.
29. Make sure I will be very very safe if I report information
30. Just to have someone or somewhere we can go and remain anonymous without getting in trouble.
31. Put a secret box , so those who know something can tell in confidence.
32. make sure everyone is safe and when everyoe is safe tell us that; don't lie and tell us that now because we know it's not true!!
33. I don't know
34. I would never do that. Snitching is wrong. You can't do anything anyway, if someone wanted to get someone, they can just wait till after school.


If one of your classmates was threatening violence, what would you do?

Text Responses

1. go to an adult i know i can trust or i would call a hot line
2. There is nothing you can do but fight back.
3. Talk to that person about it.  I, however, would speak to no one else.
4. tell
5. snitch
6. i would inform a trustworthy adult, hall monitor, or administrator of what i heard.
7.  I would try to get out and get help.
8.  i'll be by my friends side and we'll go find some help
9.  talk to a trusted adult who could report the person
10. I'm afraid I would have to defend myself.[fighting]
11. i will te omeone
12. report it in privatcy
13. help them
14. tell him to chill. dont be scare.
15. I would solve the problem my self.
16. i would go to the principal..anonimously and tell them what i heard
17. duck and cover and don't come back till I was garuanteed my safty
18. talk to he/she before it happens
19. tell someone who would listen and do something about it right away
20. I would report it and try have someone look into the matter more closely.
21. nothing
22. Help him with it. If that didn't work I would help him vent some way else.
23The school needs to give kids an outlet
24. I think I am a person who's not afraid to speak out. I would not be afraid to report an incident, usually I will call someones bluff. But now with all the reports of violence on campus, it makes me question my boldness.
25. ask them what their problem was and if it could be dealt with in diffrent way
26. nothing
27. before today i would have ignored it because many students talk to make themselves look "good" . i think now ill put a little more thought into the problem to see if i need to tell someone.
28. tell the teacher because my life is in denger
30. i would help him/her as best i can to tell someone
31. Defend myself.  It's irresponsible to tell a child that they have to tell an adult everytime trouble arises.  It leads to dependence, and lack of self-esteem.  if more people learned to stand up for themselves we wouldn't have all of thee students with low self-worth, and hatred because they would have the conidence in themseves to stand-up.
32. report to the teacher
33. I would tell a trusting adult and attempt to solv the problem, not with violence, but with compromise.
34. I think that the first thing I would do is try and talk them out of it, and find out if they were really serious or not. If this didn't work I would go to an authority figure, who would believe me and I would tell them discreetly.
35. I would call my school's hotline or tell a teacher or adult that I trust.  Then I would let the adult take care of it and wish to remain anonymous to ensure my safety.
36. i would talk to a teacher i could trust or i would talk to my counsler or one of my parents
37. I would try to walk away and solve the proplbem before it tarted. If you have to defend your self then you have to.
38. Tell a teacher, my parents, my friends, or other staff.
39. If They were threatening me  I would tell someone about it first and then deal with it the problem.  If My classmate threatened violence toward someone else I would try to stop them from actually committing violence
40. I would definetly go to an authority and report the incidence and the person who is threatnening violence.
41. You wacht out for friend and if you think something is about to happen than you go ask for someone.
42. I would pray for them out loud and tell an adult... I'm not a snitch I'm a helper!
43. Tell him he triping and make a joken out of it make seem un cool to do such thing
44. Think this person is unstable. I probly won't do anything.


Do you feel loved and accepted by your parents?

Yes%   94.82
No%   5.18
n   55


Generally speaking, do you feel accepted and respected by your peers?

Yes%   97.22
No%   2.78
n   53


Do you feel accepted and respected by your teachers?

Yes%   71.12
No%   28.88
n   48


Should parents be held responsible for the crimes of their children?

Yes%   39.44
No%   60.56
N   20
n   48


Should parents impose limits or restraints on the behavior or conduct of their children?

Yes%   84.18
No%   15.82
n   51


Should parents limit the movies or television programs their adolescent children watch or which Internet websites they visit?

Yes%   66.18
No%   33.82
n   52


Name some early warning signs of potential violent behavior among teenagers.

Text Responses

1. kids who are angry and try to start trouble with others, who dot try to listen to people
2. Often instigating confrontations, shoving people in hallways. Often, where someone is about to fight, he'll anounce to his friends so that they'll be there to watch.
3. anger or stress towards their friends
4. saying that he/she want to fight someeone or something
5. dark or gothic clothing,distinct changes in behavior and attitude, staying out late or in their room a lot, loss of appetite, drop in grades, and a change of friends.
6. the would some time disrespect
7. if their additude has changed. they was they act toward others and who they hang around with
8. attitude, dressing, outer apperience
9. being abusive towards others esp. siblings
10. Some times student's eat more what there sopose to when there high. They also have there eyes all red.
11.when they stop talking...and acting weird around all people...when you never seem them hardly...i think when your child or friend is not themselves that means they have something on their mind .... so talk to them
12. getting sent out too much, getting an additude
13. looking mad all the time
14. if they are moody or quiet. If they seem to getting distant and they don't want  to spend time with their parents or other family members. also if they hang out with their friends more and more
15. If they seem depressed or they don't want to talk to anyone.  If they where black trenchcoats and call themselves part of the trenchcoat mafia.
16. they don't want to do anything they used to find fun, argues more, seems deprssed...
17. short, easy to fire temper
18. wanting to comit suiced
19. teenagers whho start getting a low self esteem from other teens result with violence or some other way out of their depression
20. they don't have no comunicate wet parents
22. very interested in violece
23. disrespect, being by themselves alot,and not liking to talk to parents or others about little thing or problems.
24. bad grades in school
25. annoying sibling relationships
26. bad attitude
27. violent threats, depression, short temper, drugs,
28. Some early signs that you would see could be depression, they could be feeling worthless and they might feel they should show this to the rest of the world by acting out in violence.
29. Angry kids or kids that get into fights a lot are the kids to watch out for.  they will act tough and think that nothing and no one can stop them, like they are on top of the world.  Some will act meanly towards their peers, whild others will act rudely.
30. they start acting crazy and start wanting to fight all the time they start wanting to be alone all the they start being rude to every one they start wanting to wonder the streets they start getting into trouble they start ignoring their parents
31. Parents need to notice all of this!
much quieter than normal
atracted to vioents games and tv shows
32. Ignoracne seems to be prominent in all violent students.  They don't try very hard at school, either, and usually get bad grades.
33. Some early warning sign of potential violent behavior is depression.   feeling of unwantedness, destruction of objects. Hopelessness  abusive/agressive behavior
34. Depression, taking their anger out on others including themself, fighting, drug and alcohol use, skipping school, and change in eating habits, behavior, or environment.
35. Lonlyness and quietness
36. the police.
37. always nerviosu loooking around all the time
too much time by them self never out going
always very quiet.
38. Not having any friends. Never talking. They don't seem like the people that would do anything like get into fights, but these are usually the people who do shootings and bombings.


What factors are responsible for the rash of school shootings?

Text Responses

1. not having God in there lives
2. rasism
3. teacher failure
4. Just not having a way to let out steam. Everyone gets mad sometime, but what you need to do about it is let it out some how without being violent. Like use a punching bag.


Do you know someone who carries a gun?

Yes%   40.47
No%   59.53
n   46


Generally speaking, what do you do after school?

Text Responses

1.  i play sports and for high school we practice evey day after school.
2.  basketball
3.  drugs
4.  go to sports activities or tutors
5.  sprots, practice etc.
6.  I work, do sports and chores for my mom
7.  do my homework, then I eat dinner and then I go outside to play basketball
8.  i  do community service at a elementry school 4 days a weekand on the other day i have drill practise and a college success meeting
9.  I go home, get a snack, and go to swim practice.
10. during marching band or drum comp season, i have lot of rehersals, so my friends and i go to pizza then rehersal...other times i go home and relax for awhile then start my homework
11. play sports or other extra curricular activities
12. M C J ROTC for school
14. sports: soccer practice and games for two hours after school
15. I go home, work on homework, watch my sister, then I go to ride my horse.
16. I play softball for school, but when I don't have practice I am home by myself
17. I go home, do my homework, go play with all the children I baby-sit eat dinner, monday's and wednesday's I go to night school  I watch television,  I call my elderly adult friends and  say goodnight
18. What ever I feel like. If I feel  like it I will go home. Or find a friend. Or What ever will keep me from being bored.


What do you fear or worry about the most during your daily routine?

Text Responses

1. shooting
2. drive by
3. if I might get in a cross fire
4. school-the unexpected bomb scares, fights-mainly nything violence related
5. i don't fear anything and live life to the fullest
6. i do not fear or worry
7. nothing
8. that the rest of my family (including parents) are all right at work...and nothing bad has happened to them
9. someone is plotin' to kill every one to the school
10. someone pulling a gun out on the court
11. gettin it by a car when i ride my bike to school
12. If I'm going to be late for something or if I'm going to have time to finish all of my homework or if I forgot a homework assignment at home.
13. doing bad on a hard test, or how i'm going to get all my homework done
14. getting killed
15. hearing a family member or close friend got searously hurt or killed
16. getting shot by this dude who wants me dead
17. i stress about the fuuture. my constant fear is working reallly hard academically and then ot quite making it to the schoo i want... it sounds stupid but to me its a big importance
18. some one that dont like mesicans come and do some think
20. nothing
21. some ones going to want to fight or hurt me for their personal  dislikes
22. being attacked
23. I fear of being harmed somewhere outside of school
24. Well, lately there has been a lot of bomb scares and shootings at school, so I guess that now my main fear would be for one of those to actually happen at my school.
25. that something will go wrong or someone will try to shoot me or even try to take my things while i'm the bus or try to hurt one my little brothers
26. That someone might go on a shooting spree
27. Looking like a "wuss" if some huge guy tries to push me around and I can't do anything about it.
28. I fear that someone might try to rob me for the thing I have. I also fear what might happen during school
29. I worry about what is going to happen to my family members and myself.  I fear going home to an empty house.
30. nothing .
31. what God will do to me.
32. having enemies who want to harm in anyway
33. Being bored.


What should your community do to make it a better place for teenagers?

Text Responses

1. have positive activites
2. offer more activities for teens
3. have more things available for teenagers to do
4. Listen to them.
5. dont think every teenager is bad...have respect for everyone...just because they look different doesn't mean you should treat them differently...make sure all kids fell welcomed
6. Neighborhood watch
7. have a kid center
8. keep the community involved give the tenns support in their daily decisions
9. They could open more 14-18 clubs where everything is clean, no drugs, or alcohol.
10. more places for us to go
11. more group acttivitys
12. over youth groups for kids to socialise instead of roaming the streets
13. the community should have children talk about their housholds to make sure there is ot anything abnormal with the amosphere
14. make it safe & get guns of of the streets
15. My community is already a fine place for teenagers. If you don't take social isues like cliques into account , that is.
16. Do as they did in San Mateo County - open a teen center and coffee shop.
17. the community should make places where teens can go.  They should stress extracurricular activities like sports that drive teens away from violence.
18. I think that the community started doing better things already, it's just that they should expand on these things. For instance, in Sacramento there is an all teen (high school) dance club that is open in the nights when kids could be roaming the streets, but instead they are in a watched environmen
19. The community should make an open place for kids that would be home alone after school.  The kids could go there after school to get help on homework or to play sports with other kids or to just talk to someone if they are bored.  It will keep them out of mischief.
20. they should have more teen programs so that teens will be busy during their day
21. They canonly do so much and they have done a lot
22. The community should explore the troublemakers at school and either counsel them or send them to a special "bad people schoool"
23. Make more activities such as sports and clubs available to thoose in the neighborhood.  There should also be a lot of interaction  and communication among people within the community.
24. Develop clubs and programs that allow teenagers to hang out with people their own age and the ability to do whatever they want as long as it is safe.
25. more after school activities
28. Have a skate boarding place, less of those retarded don't do drug messages(they don't work. They just annoy me. If I was going to do drugs some sorry commercial is not going to stop me. If I wasn't I don't need some sorry commercial to tell me I don't want to do drugs.)
29. Have a football field.


Do you have any other comments, observations or suggestions concerning violence in schools?

Text Responses

1. Every since they took prayer out of school it has not been right since
2. no
3. no
4. The public school system needs to pu in a teacher evalution system into place
5. #6
i think that ithe child is under a sertain age then yes
6. we know the basic problems- instead of repeating them over and over like we are making progress, we need to do something about the statements so children take it more seriously. as it is now, we dont take it seriously because weve been hearing the same thing since we were young.
7. keep drugs and guns out of kids hands
8. I feel no matter how hard they try,theres always going to be violence,because every always going to think different
9. School violence is unavoidable.  Human beings in and of themselves are inherently violent.  It is ignorant to believe that we can monitor, or curtail this chracteristic.  Most people have the ability, nd the strength of ill to avoid this impulse, others don't.  It is not something which always carries warning signs
10. Teacher don't care - every time they see it they turn their cheek
11. Teachers should talk to students about the incidents that already happened.  For students, just knowing that someone is there for you can make you feel better about yourself.
12. Even though that the shootings are bad they media makes too musc of a deal
13. Every persons problems STARTS AT HOME. Every single one.  Parents are the real problems.  It is like a disease.  The bad people in society usually have 3-10 kids, and make them all bad by beating them, divorcing, going through step-parents like popcorn.  Then those kids do the same to their kids.  The process is repeated over and over.
14. Violence in the schools will happen regardless of security or any other factors.  Violence in schools only to a degree whenthat degree is reached I will feel a lot safer
14. They should be regulated and monitored by police officers.
15. no
17. NO
18. You can't really stop people who are motivated enough to start shooting because the only way to do that would be to have machine gun nest everywhere, armed guards patrolling(I don;t mean some parent volunteer who can't do anything If they catch someone) metal detectors, cameras ect. But the problem with that is this place won't be a school anymore, it will be a prison and thats not good. You can try to not have people motivated to try it in the first place.


What will you tell your friends about this Teen Think Tank?

Text Responses

1. i would tell them that i as fun and a very good thing to have and it lets you relly voice your opinion
2. It was an interesting and incitful experience.
3. i thik that this is a really good idea and it might come up with some ways to try to resolve all the violence that goes on in schools.
4. that this is a great program
5. it's a good way to voice your opinion
6. it was good to be able to honestly voice my opions
7. I think this program is very helpful because adults usually ignore comments from teenagers, and it gives us a chance to have a voice.
8. It was good except for the directions.  We are not stupid we get it after the first time.
9. i would tell them that this was a great learning experience..that anyone can take the servey and learn...and have a different view on what people was a lot of fun!
10. tell them that it was fun
11. that it is s good way to see where the problem lies in teen violence
12. It was interesting, it took a long time to answer one question because some participants were being stupid and entering dumb answers.
13. it was cool
14. they should try it
15. if you can, do it
16. it was really cool..;)
19. That if they get a chance to be involved in TTT that they should go for it . It will help everyone in the longrun.
20. I believe that most decisions here have been influenced by a biased media
21. yes, this has been an interesting experience.  I feel as if the students are finally being heard.  It is good that adults are turning to input from teenagers, the ones who live with the violence everyday in school.
22. I think the teen think tank was helpful and I hope that in participating in this I can help people understand the importance of really listening and paying attention to what people are telling them.
23. I will tell them that it was good to know that my thoughts will be heard and that adults will actually listen to what I have to say.  It feels good to know that I am helping my commuity by being here and a part of this.
24. That I ws ableto tell adults what I really thinks
25. I don't think I will tell them because they wouldn't think it is "cool"
26. I will tell my friends that It was a great experience to share my views with other people and I will try to get them involved with the next one
27. That it was a great and enjoyable experience and that if they have the opportunity to try it,  they should.  It was also fun to be able to give my opinions.
28. Its a good why to express yourself.
29. YES.
30. Its cool and it could help many people
31. Sorry you said no vulgar language.


What are your suggestions concerning ways for the results of this Teen Think Tank to be used?

Text Responses

1. give the information to students and teachers
2. Make everyone aware
3.I think it's a very good program.
4. i like the way that people wont be able to find out who was who...the way it was made up for everyone to was a great idea for teenagers to express themselves and tell you how they feel
5. It's cool the way it is
6. MORE OFTEN. there are teens out there that REALLY do have something to say but no one to say it to.
8. They should be used the best way possible to help not just children & teenager,but adults
9. I believe that they should begin to actually respect the suggestions and demands of the students.
10. the results of this Teen Think Tank should be used to devise methods of preventing teen violence in schools.  These results should help officials have a better understanding of life as a teenager.
11. I think these suggestions can be used for booklets and studies that help people understand what teens and kids are thinking and what can be done about the violence in schools.
12. I think the results of this Teen Think Tank  should be sent to the administratives so that they know what we are thinking and how we feel about violence at school.
13. Reports that the schools and public can see
14. Legislation! Take them to congress, the president, every person in power and make them read every single comment.
15. To use this information to set up a larger form of this event.  It shoudl also be used to make schools safer somehw
16. It will help teenagers think of the different punishments that result from violence.  I think teenagers will keep in mind what they have to face in the world.
17. Visit more school, make more people awer of this program, let kids know that they can talk about their problems.
19. having people actually look at the responscess and doing somethiong about it
20. How about stopping violence? duh.



The Sacramento City Unified School District gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following individuals and businesses, without whose support this event would not have been possible.

Mr. Brice F. Marsh, Senior Computer Scientist, Computer Sciences Corporation,
Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, Alabama
Mr. Marsh pioneered teen high tech think tanks.  He spent countless hours preparing and refining the data and methods used in today's event.  Mr. Marsh is a certified Group Systems facilitator and instructor (there are less than 100 people with this certification in the world.)  He may be reached by phone at (256) 544-4417.

Mr. Brian Robert Boer, Collaborative Management Services, Inc. P.O. Box 2637 San Ramon, California 94583; telephone toll free 1-877-953-2674
CMSI, specialists in Electronic Meeting Systems, provides management
consulting and meeting management services which increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency.  Mr. Boer contributed the laptop computers, network and software for the think tank.  He has also provided invaluable technical and procedural assistance.

Mr. Samuel Oki, Meta Information Services, 9806 Old Winery Place, Suite 4, Sacramento, California 95827; phone (916) 368-9474.
Meta Information Services is a market research company which conducts both qualitative and quantitative research.  It also has an Information Technology Division that provides Web hosting and business solutions.  Mr. Oki presented this approach at a Sacramento meeting of the American Leadership Forum, ultimately gaining entry into the school district.  He also provided funds to fly Mr. Marsh here from Alabama.

Mr. Rick Jennings, Member, Sacramento City Unified School Board, and Executive Director of the Center for Fathers and Families.
Mr. Jennings had the foresight to match this innovative solution to issues in our local school district.  He was the catalyst that allowed this event to occur.

Mr. Mike Figliola and Ms. Heidi Kolbe, Team Advantage, 2443 Fair Oaks Blvd, Suite 101, Sacramento California 95825; phone (916) 600-5998
Team Advantage is a California-based consulting firm specializing in meeting facilitation, management consulting and mediation services.  Heidi and Mike coordinated this event, bringing together administrators and specialists from the public and private sector.  Team Advantage also provided funding for conference calls and Mr. Marsh's expenses during this trip.

Each of the following individuals contributed their wisdom and expertise in preparing for this Teen Think Tank.

Mr. Jim Sweeney, Superintendent, Sacramento City Unified School District

Mr. Jim Lake, Principal, John F. Kennedy High School, Sacramento, California

Mr. Randy Hood, Safe Schools Manager, Sacramento City Unified School District

Ms. Maria L. Lopez, Communications Director, Sacramento City Unified School District

Mr. Al McClymonds, Vice Principal, John F. Kennedy High School, Sacramento, California

Ms. Linda Carey, Administrative Assistant, Sacramento City Unified School District

Mr. Roger Corey, In House Administrator, John F. Kennedy High School, Sacramento, California

Mr. Joe M. Hernandez, School Plant Manager, John F. Kennedy High School, Sacramento, California

Mr. Kevin Marsh, Ernst & Young, Atlanta, Georgia

Denise Minchella Pizzulli, The Hospitality Company, Tucson, Arizona

Ms. Susan Nurre, Computer Sciences Corporation, Dallas, Texas

Mr. Rod Peeks, Co-Pioneer of the Original Teen Think Tank on School Violence, Birmingham, Alabama

COSTCO Wholesale (refreshments)

And a special "Thank you" to all the community volunteers who staffed the registration tables, assisted with set-up and distributed materials.