Giving Teens a Voice

NYS - Selected Quotes

Selected Quotes from Teens at the
2002 National Youth Summit

Washington, D.C.

February 16-19, 2002


"We should hold discussion groups online through the Internet. We should not shun the subject of terrorism."

"Try this: Have the younger kids teach things to the older kids! The younger kids gain confidence, and I think the older kids would get a good message out of this."

"Mobilize youth in the community by giving them the opportunity to serve.  LET THEM BE THE SOLUTION!"

'We shouldn't make the threat of terrorism seem as if it is a part of our every day lives because that is exactly what terrorists want us to do."

"We need to start focusing back on family goals of loving and caring for each other and everyone."

"We need educational sessions incorporated into the curriculum that allows for students to learn facts about foreign events routinely as opposed to being left completely in the dark."

"I think there should be more rallies/conventions in cities to promote patriotism and encourage citizens to participate more in their community and increase happiness and spirit."

"The youth voice needs to be heard and other youth need to hear our message. Adults need to begin to support and aid us in our efforts by providing the necessary funding for certain program ideas, initiatives and much more."

"I think that they should concentrate more on after school programs for 5-12 grade school students."

"Listen to us!"